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Varanasi, WC 90 x 60cm $4,350.00
Varanasi, WC 90 x 60cm $4,350.00 Trattoria, WC 45 x 50cm $1,500.00 Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, WC 85 x 68cm $3,250

Amanda Hyatt
Amanda Hyatt

A rigorously inventive watercolourist and oil painter, Amanda Hyatt is dedicated to diligently pushing the envelope of skill towards developing a new classical realism which absorbs and reinterprets many of modernism’s most profound stylistic representational freedoms, bringing to her art notable liberties of painterly expression.

For the past 20 years she has achieved much acclaim for the innovation and excellence of her watercolours and oils, being one of the very few Australian painters able to shift so seamlessly from, respectively, a medium of an uncompromisingly rogue nature, to the readily blendable, silky and lustrous oil paint and its magic glazes.

The vigorous and abandoned passion Amanda synonymously feels for her subjects and chosen medium is evident in the rhythmic Zen-like graphic fire which animates her brush’s draftsmanship, her linear concepts and sculptural forms oscillate between potential and kinetic energies in a dance of space with memory.

“It’s hard to define just what makes a painting ‘right,” she says.

“It’s beyond good composition, balance, or technique’s a magic element that I always aim for it has certain quality to the light, and spontaneity - working with some speed helps of course, leaving behind at least consciously, things I have learned - it involves knowing or feeling what not to do, as much as what to do.’

Professing a preference for watercolour, her subjects encompass boats and seascapes, international scenes, people absorbed in their various occupations, and oddities such as gondolas in the Venice Snow..

‘It’s an exciting medium, it makes you live on an edge the whole time you are painting - you live on hope,’ Amanda explains.

Amanda’s willingness to keep pushing the boundaries of her already impressive abilities, and her determination to maintain fresh vision through new subjects, is visible in the exceptional quality of her paintings.

She has been a regular tutor, guest artist and demonstrator at exhibitions as large as the Herald Sun Camberwell Rotary Art Show, and held numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and in USA,
particularly in New York.

Amanda Hyatt released a teaching DVD in early 2011 - Five Steps to Watercolour - $50 plus P & H if applicable. Stocks available in our gallery

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