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The Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, WC 75 x 64
The Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, WC 75 x 64 The Gesuati Church on the Giudecca, WC 47 x 58cm The Old Clippers, WC 63 x 53cm

Andrew Gemmill
Andrew Gemmill

… a rare exponent of watercolour technique at its evocative peak – silky colour washes, superb drawing, spontaneous composition and abstracted design - and oils in a contemporary classical style.
A watercolourist of the traditional “transparent” school, English-born Andrew Gemmill’s loosely impressionist works rely on his attentive observation, solid draftsmanship, restrained colour range, a firm understanding of renaissance perspective, and (likewise) spatial imagination.

While his subject matter remains unlimited, he revels in a preference for the implied drama of lands/townscapes. Deceptively simple, his pictures convey an elegant shorthand solution to capturing atmospheric essentials by editing out unnecessary information – it is his tactile feeling for the landscape and its sensual spaciousness that is so authentic in his art. He has recently embraced painting in oils - with powerful results.

Masterly classical drawing clearly underpins the structure, composition and design of all his paintings. However, often after a quick sketch to lay down the bones and sinews of the work, Andrew immediately renders the scene directly in watercolour onto the paper - minus preliminary underdrawing – a remarkable facility.

His impeccable brushwork spontaneously shifts from a broad wash to the merest calligraphic flourish in the blink of any eye. Although modest in size, his paintings have an alluring monumentality about them.

Spatially nothing is over-explained; wholeness is suggested, leaving memory and imagination to complete the intricate details of reality. Basically each piece is exploring light and its reflective effects - from the blinding brightness of Australian sunshine striking a tin roof, to the hazy, lazy, sultry heat of an Indian afternoon, to the grace of white petals in sunlight.

Andrew is the winner of many awards and is in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.
He now teaches at the McClelland Guild of Artists and from his own studio, and is a Past President of the Watercolour Society of Victoria.

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