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Sheltering Looe UK, WC 83 x 59cm  $5,
Sheltering Looe UK, WC 83 x 59cm  $5, Red Boat Resting, Scarborough, UK73x53cm $4,000.00 sland  Escape, 73 x 53cm $4,000

David K Taylor
David Taylor
Relates the instance as eternity using elusive shifts of light, intense compositional challenges, and his dexterity of brush to translate personal snippets of experience of place into evocative watercolours.
Award winning painter and member of The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society, David Taylor has forged a distinguished career as a leading light in the genre of traditional Australian watercolour practice.
He is the recipient of the internationally prestigious Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding services to watercolour and teaching from the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership.
Since 1968 he has lectured, taught and conducted workshops in Australia and overseas. In 1979, as the first recipient of the Rotary Overseas Travel Grant, he travelled to London, Europe and USA as the first recipient of the Rotary Overseas Travel Grant.
David sees artists as recorders of instants in the ongoing history of existence, as is evidence by the international flavour of his pictures and his diverse subject matter.

Available for purchase, David K Taylor's teaching DVD's.
1. Solving the Mystery of Watercolour
2. Looking for the Light

DVD's are $50 each plus P & H if applicable or you can visit our gallery to pick up your copies.

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