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Broom, Bucket and Boot Strap, oil on canvas 112 x
Broom, Bucket and Boot Strap, oil on canvas 112 x After the Storm, Oil on Canvas 153 x 122cm Nocturnal Visitors Oil on canvas 123x85 cms

Drew Gregory
Drew Gregory

On initial viewing Drew Gregory’s photorealistic pictures present a conundrum – just what is one looking at, a photo within a photo, a collage or a study in minute painterly detail – or perhaps an unfamiliar approach to painted imagery?

Clearly here is an artist with an ‘eye’ alertly sensitive to the finest detail and equally capable of putting those raw perceptions to great visual and tasteful use, along with a studied colour sensibility, to create pictures juxtaposed within pictures that challenge one’s preconceptions about just what it is one is seeing and what does it all mean.

Each painting unfolds as a story triggering feelings and memories, raising one’s awareness as to the wonder of the uncomplicated, of the accepted ordinary things in life, the endless glory of nature’s dynamic, of change, and the mysterious art of interpreting the physical universe visually.

Drew’s painstaking brush technique and masterly draftsmanship trick the senses into having to unscramble one’s cultivated illusions and memories from one’s immediate and direct perceptions – to sort the unreal from the real aesthetically – and to enjoy the journey as much as arriving at a distinct understanding.

Hidden deeply in his pictographs is the steel thread of the artist as social biographer and commentator.


1947 Born Melbourne
1968 Graduated Melbourne Teacher’s College

Selected Solo & Group Shows

1983 - 84 The Printmaker, Australian Travelling Exhibition
1987 - 92 Quasions, Mornington, Victoria
1989 - 90 ACTA National Touring Exhibition
1990 Kensington Gallery, South Australia
1992 Trigrama Galleries, Hong Kong
1992 Jan Curtis Collections, Singapore
1992 Rosenthal Fine Arts, Chicago, USA
1992 Prints Across Australia, National traveling Exhibition
1992 - 96 Libby Edwards, South Yarra
1993 - 2008 Delshan Gallery, Melbourne
1994 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
1996 - 98 Drew Gregory & Clifton Pugh Australian Tour
1997 Three Brothers Exhibition, Wiregrass Gallery, Melbourne
2009 Jenny Pihan Fine Art – “Monotypes”
2009 Art Gallery Collections, Queensland
2010 Jenny Pihan Fine Art – Hampton Vic – “Outback”
2011 Jenny Pihan Fine Art – Hampton Vic – “Coast and Country”
2012 Jenny Pihan Fine Art – Hampton Vic – “Out on the Rug”


1994 Won “Nations Choice”, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
2008 Won “Member’s Choice”, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize
2010 Won “Member’s Choice”, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize
2011 Won “Member’s Choice”, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize


1983 Artist-in-residence, Eltham High School
2006, 07 & 08 Artist-in-residence, Peninsula School, Mt Eliza, Victoria

1990 Artists & Galleries of Australia and New Zealand
by Max Germaine
1992 Chicago Fine Arts Index, USA
1993, 94, 96 & 98 Australian Artist magazine
1998 International Artist magazine

Numerous public, civic and private collections nationally and internationally

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