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What you already knew dear soul Piquet, WC 23 x 28
What you already knew dear soul Piquet, WC 23 x 28 Light Kiss, Murray River, WC 40 x 28cm Measuring Time, Venice, WC 40 x 28cm

Nic Canosa
One of the founding members of the reputed and highly popular Winterlude group, Italian born Nic Canosa became involved in the arts when studying law during his university days through poetry, music, theatre, photography, film and painting.

He has practiced as a professional watercolour artist since 1989, earning a considerable reputation as a fine exponent and teacher of watercolour techniques, with an emphasis on the skill of landscape painting.

Nicís style draws inspiration from a sensorial impressionist approach to capturing and evoking the essence of the natural and social landscape in a minimalist manner, favoring a tonal wash technique which draws out the enchanting dramatic aspects of light cast on and over the earth, thus elucidating the mystical and magical aspect of earthly atmospheric changes.

A feeling of serenity and stillness emits from his pictures in a romantic but not sentimental manner. A sensitivity to the nuances emitted by the fleetingness of lighting effects is seen in the very subtle variations he imparts in the forms, shapes and volumes as he moulds in the eye a genuine memento of the places that have so inspired and moved him.

One realizes that Nicís delicate, understated and sensual approach to watercolour possesses a rare sophistication where everything is deliberately underplayed to achieve maximum visual resonance in the eye without the unwanted distraction of unnecessary detail. The apparent simplicity of his pictures is hard won and only attained by those who seek mastery of their painted medium.

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