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U.S. Great Horned Owl, WC & Gouache on TS Canvas,
U.S. Great Horned Owl, WC & Gouache on TS Canvas,  Aust. Crimson Rosellas, WC & Gouache on TS Canvas Aust. Gouldian Finches, TS on Canvas,  52 x 61cm

Paul Margocsy
Born in Melbourne in 1945, Paul has had no formal art training but developed a love for painting at an early age. In 1978 he became engrossed in wildlife art and has had several outstanding exhibitions in various Australian states. In 1986 and again in 1994 Paul won the award for the best painting at the exhibition of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and in 1987 he won the best watercolour exhibit. He has won numerous prestigious watercolour awards around Australia and is represented in collections both here and overseas. In 1990 he was included in a book presenting 70 of the best living traditional realist artists in Australia.

Paul was commissioned by Australia Post in 1991 for a stamp issue on waterbirds and also by the United Nations for an endangered species series which was released in Vienna in 1994. He had a successful exhibition in London in 1991 and was a featured artist at the Omell Galleries, London in 1992/93.

Paul released a book on his art with a corresponding solo show at the Landmarks Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA in 1994.

His greatest achievement so far is being selected to exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, “Birds in Art” exhibition in America making him the third Australian to be chosen in 20 years. His painting was chosen to tour America for one year with eighty of the world’s best wildlife artists. In 1996/1997 he had success in Osaka, Japan with solo exhibitions and also exhibitions at the prestigious Raffles Hotel in Singapore in 1996 and 1998.

Paul Margocsy’s paintings seem more than simply paint on paper. Through the almost microscopically precise detail, the fine rendering of feather and eye and claw in watercolour and opaque gouache, the viewer sees a bird rather than a painting. We are tempted to bypass the brilliance of the painting for the wonder of the bird itself. With a photographic memory and prodigious drawing skills, Paul is able to capture more than a visual truth. Through observation and knowledge of different bird species behaviors, Paul is able to show the character and charm of his subjects.

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