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The Pub at Maree, South Aust, WC 73 x 53cm
The Pub at Maree, South Aust, WC 73 x 53cm The Imperial, Ravenswood, WC 73 x 53cm Cape Conran, Moraning, WC 26 x 17cm

Robert Wade OAM


Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1930, the distinguished Australian artist, Robert A. Wade, has gained International acclaim. His work has received 13 Major overseas awards in England, France and USA, plus 107 awards in Australia. Among the awards are the Cornelissen Award of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London, 1983; Talens Award and Public Choice, Grand Prix International, Tregastel, France 1994; Watercolour Prize, Grand Prix International, Tregastel France, 1998; Clay Kent Medal, (BEST IN SHOW), International Society of Marine Painters, Washington, D,C., 1985; eight major awards of the celebrated Salmagundi Club, New York, including the Macowin Tuttle Memorial Award, (FIRST PRIZE, WATERCOLOR,) 1989 and 1990; Emanuel Krueger Memorial Award (BEST IN SHOW) 1988; 92 awards for watercolour in Australia since 1977, including three Gold Medals for Watercolour at Camberwell Rotary Exhibition, 1981, 1985, 1987. In 1988 he was awarded the "Winsor and Newton Australian Bi-Centenary Award for Watercolour".
He was elected "Artist of the Year", Victorian Artists' Society, 1985 and 1986. In 1986 he received the "Advance Australia Medal" for his outstanding contribution to Australian Watercolour, and in 2003 received the Medal of the Order of Australia for Services to Watercolour Painting. He was elected Member of the Australian Watercolour Institute, 1983; Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London, 1983/1990; Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London, 1987; Honorary Member Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas, Mexico, 1982; Elected Member International Society of Marine Painters, USA, 1980; Elected Member Knickerbocker Artists New York, 1991; Elected Member American Watercolor Society, 2000; Honorary Member Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, USA, 1985; Honorary Member Singapore Watercolour Society 1989,; Honorary Member Central Ontario Art Association, Canada, 2003; Life Member and a Patron of The Victorian Watercolour Society; Patron and Life Member of the Hawthorn Artists' Society; Fellow of Victorian Artists' Society and former Council Member, Patron of Grafton ARTSFEST. In 1994 he was appointed International Ambassador, Knickerbocker Artists USA.). Elected Member...Pure Watercolour Society (UK) 2008 He has exhibited with most of the world's major Watercolour Societies including the American Watercolor Society‟s Annual Exhibitions, NYC, 1981, 1993, 2000, 2006 and was selected in their National Traveling Exhibition in 2000 and 2006; Royal Watercolour Society's Open, London, 1983; Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London, annually, 1983-1993. He has had Solo Exhibitions in Melbourne, Gold Coast, London and New York.
His work is represented in many public, corporate, and private collections including the Brooklyn Museum, New York; the Royal Watercolour Society, London; Salmagundi Club, New York; Australian Watercolour Institute; Westpac Bank; Bank of Tokyo; Museum of Watercolour, Mexico City; Cunard Line, QE2; State Regional Galleries, Hamilton, Mornington and Castlemaine, Victoria, Grafton NSW: Deakin University Museum of Art; Victorian Artists' Society.
His commissions include paintings for Australia Post's Aerogramme for the International Philatelic Exhibition, 1984, the Bible Society's 1988 Australian Bi-Centenary Bible, the 1988 Australian Bi-Centenary Open Golf Championship, and for many leading International golfers and Golf Clubs. His work is published in limited editions in London by Rosenstiel's Fine Arts.
He has contributed regular articles to "Australian Artist" and overseas art magazines for many years, and has been Editorial Consultant to “Australian Artist” and “International Artist” Magazines since their inception. Wade's three best-selling books "Painting More Than The Eye Can See", "Painting Your Vision in Watercolor" and “Watercolor Workshop Handbook” plus his four videos, "Watercolour,...Wade's Way", “Simply Watercolour”, “Watercolour Workshop” and “Watercolour Solutions” have all received world-wide acclaim.
He judges, lectures, and conducted many workshops/seminars in Australia and abroad. In 1990, he was invited to demonstrate for the famous Salmagundi Club, New York.
Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) 2003
Advance Australia Medal, 1986
Hall of Fame, Printing Industries Federation, inducted 1999
Medal of Honor, USA, 1987
Victorian Watercolour Society (Patron)
Screen Printers' Association of Australia
Hawthorn Artists' Society (Patron)
Peninsula Art Society
Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas, Mexico, 1982
Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, England, 1983
Pittsburgh Watercolour Society, USA, 1985
Singapore Watercolour Society, 1987
Sandhurst Club, Bendigo (Art Patron) 1997: Patron Artsfest, Grafton NSW 2006
Central Ontario Art Association, Canada, 2003
Australian Watercolour Institute
American Watercolour Society
International Society of Marine Painters, USA
Pure Watercolour Society (UK)
Salmagundi Club, New York
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London
Fellow, Victorian Artists' Society
Knickerbocker Artists, U.S.A. (Appointed International Ambassador, 1994)
Australian Guild of Realist Artists
Alaska Watercolor Society, Anchorage USA, September 1994
Camberwell Rotary, Watercolour, 1986; All awards, 1993
Camberwell Rotary Travel Study Grant, 1987
Colonial Downs Equine Art Show, New Kent, Virginia USA, 1997
Charlotte Art League, Nth. Carolina, USA 1996
Florida Watercolor Society, Sarasota Florida 1995
Irving Shapiro Memorial Award, Chicago 1996 (Sole Juror)
Kenneth Jack Memorial Award 2007 and 2008
Kingsport Art League, Tennessee, Annual Exhibition, 1998
Royal Art Society of NSW, Annual Exhibition, 1996
Tasmanian Open Watercolour Award, 1980
Victorian Artists' Society, Undine Padoms Award, 1986
Virginia Watercolor Society, Richmond, Va. USA, March 1993 & 1996
114 Awards for Watercolour in Australia, France, UK. and USA.
Victorian Artists' Society's "Artist of the Year" 1985 and 1986,
Camberwell Rotary, Gold Medal for Watercolour, 1981, 1985, 1987;
Clay Kent Award of Honor, (BEST IN ANNUAL SHOW)
International Society of Marine Painters, Washington, D.C., 1985;
The Cornelissen Award, The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours,
Annual Exhibition, London, 1983
City of Melbourne, The Lord Mayor's Award, 1986
AWARDS (Continued)
Gwynne-Lennon Award, Salmagundi Club, NY., 1987
Macowin Tuttle Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, NY.,1989 & 1990
Ogden Pleissner Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, NY., 1992
Paul Bransom Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, NY., 1984
Emanuel Krueger Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, NY., 1988
Salmagundi Club, Honorable Mention, 1991
Mary Desser Memorial Award, Salmagundi Club, NY. 1993
Talens Award, Grand Prix International, Tregastel, France, 1994
Public Choice Award, Grand Prix International, France 1994
Watercolour, First Prize, Grand Prix International, Tregastel, France 1998
Winsor and Newton Australian Collection, Bi-Centenary Art Award,
(Watercolour) 1988
AWS American Watercolor Society's 114th Annual, NYC., 1981
AWS American Watercolor Society's 126th Annual, NYC., 1993
AWS 133rd. Annual NYC, and National Traveling Exhibition, USA, 2000
AWS 139th. Annual NYC, and National Traveling Exhibition, USA, 2006
AWI / Museo de la Acuarela Mexicana, Mexico City 1990,
Biennal Internacional de Acuarela, Mexico City, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002
Aqueous Open, Pittsburgh, USA, 1982
Chinese Cultural Exchange, Xuanzhou, Anhui, China, 1991
Grand Prix International de la Peinture A L'Eau, Tregastel, France 1994 &1998
Intern'l. Society of Marine Painters, USA, 1983 to 1989
Knickerbocker Artists Annual, New York, 1992; Washington D.C. 1993
Mexican Watercolor Society, Annuals, Mexico City, 1983 & 1990
Pure Watercolour Society Annuals (UK) Windrush Oxon. 2008, 2009
The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London, Annual Exhib, 1983 to 1993
5.The Royal Society of British Artists, London, 1985, 1986, 1989
The Royal Society of Marine Artists, London, 1984
The Royal Watercolour Society's Open, London, 1983
Royal Institute at Expo „86, Vancouver, Canada
R.of China Watercolours, Chung Cheng Gallery, Taipei Taiwan, 1994 & 1995
The Salmagundi Club, NY, Annuals 1984, 1986 to 1994
Shanghai Zhujiajiao Expo World Invitational 2010
Singapore Watercolour Society's Annual, 1987, 1994. 1997(Guest Artist)
Taiwan..Hsinchu International Watercolours Invitational Taipei, 2004
Vlaamse Aquarel Dagen, Brussels, 1998, (Invité d‟Honneur)
"Waterworks ' 85 ", Pittsburgh Watercolor.Society, USA
"When Britain Ruled the Waves", Washington, D.C., 1986
Asian Watercolour Confederation, Bangkok, 1989, and 1995
(Only invited Western Guest Artist)1, Singapore 1997
Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, 1989, 1990, 1992
Australian Watercolour Institute, Annual Exhibitions, continuously from 1978
AWI Gosford Regional Gallery 2001, Wollongong Regional Gallery 2002 and 2010
ACTA Australian Maritime Art Award, Travelling Exhibition 1985 to 1988
"Ten Watercolourists Salute Victoria", Melbourne and London, 1985, (Victoria's 150th.)
"200 Years of Watercolour' McClelland State Regional Gallery , 1981
"Watercolour Today" McClelland State Regional Gallery, 1983
"9"x5" and Beyond", McClelland State Regional Gallery, 1983
"Victoria's Heritage", Victorian Artists' Society, 1985
VAS/ Royal Arts Society Sydney, 2000
City of Waverley Gallery, 1982 and 1984
Victorian Artists' Society, Cato Gallery, 1986
Balmoral Gallery, Geelong, 1989
Brighton Gallery at Hampton, 1990
Oliver Swann Gallery, London, 1990
Flax Gallery, New York, 1992
Tom Roberts' Kew Gallery, Melbourne, 1993 and 1996,
Oliver Swann Gallery, London, 1994
Watling Fine Arts Gallery, Southport, Queensland, 1996
Bethany Gallery, Bendigo, 1997
Flame Trees Gallery, Nowa Nowa, Victoria, 1997
1979 Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines
1980 United States of America
1981 Canada, United States of America
1982 Mexico, United States of America
1983 England, France, United States of America
1984 England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
1985 England, Scotland, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Turkey
1986 Flinders Ranges, Central Australia. England, Scotland, Wales
1987 India, Nepal, Singapore. England, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, United States of America
1988 England, United States of America
1989 England, Morocco, United States of America, (June)
United States of America, England, Switzerland, Italy ( Sept./Oct. )
1990 United States of America, England ( June/July )
1990 England, Wales, United States of America, Hawaii,
US Virgin Islands, St.Thomas and St.John
1991 England, France, Ireland, United States of America
1992 Austria, England, France, Italy, Switzerland (April/May)
USA, Canada (July/August)...China (Oct.)
1993 (Feb/March) United States of America, Canada, England.
(July/August ) United States of America, Canada
1994 Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary (May/June)
Alaska, Arizona USA, (September.)
1995 Italy, France, UK, (May/June), United States (Sept./Oct.)
1996 United States of America
1997 (March) Bali (QE2); (August-Sept.), USA, Scotland, England, Belgium,
(Nov.) New Zealand
1998 (April) Bermuda, United States; (Sept./Oct.) United States, Turkey
1999 (Jan.) Tahiti, Tonga, NZ (March) NZ (June/July) Italy, Scotland, England;

Sept/Oct USA
2000 (Apr.) USA. (Aug./Sept.) Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Italy, France
2001 Italy
2002 Italy, France, Croatia. Australian Outback
2003 Australian Outback (Flinders Ranges to Alice)
2004 Australian Outback
2005 Murray River

Permanent Collections of:-
Australian Watercolour Institute, Sydney;
Brooklyn Museum, New York; National Gallery, Belgrade Yugoslavia;
Museum of Watercolour, Toluca, Mexico City;
Royal Watercolour Society, London;
Salmagundi Club, New York; Mornington State Regional Gallery
Hamilton State Regional Gallery, and Castlemaine State Regional Gallery, Victoria;
Victorian Artists Society; Deakin University, Museum of Art;
Winsor and Newton Australian Collection; The Sandown Club, Bendigo.
City of Melbourne, Lord Mayor's Collection;
Collections of Cities of Camberwell (4), Caulfield, Mordialloc, Waverley;
Australian Maritime Art Collection, Sydney;
Scotch College; Ballarat College; St.Kevin's College; Yarra Valley Grammar School;
Royal Exhibition Buildings Trustees' Collection: Tattersalls Melbourne Collection
J.B.Were & Son Collections in London, Melbourne and New York;
Bank of Tokyo; Westpac Bank; Cunard Line, QE2.
Stock Exchange of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Wesfarmers, Perth;The Australian, Commonwealth, Croydon, Flinders Golf Clubs, The Heritage, Huntingdale,Kingston Heath, Kingswood, Metropolitan Golf Clubs.
The National, The Dunes, Peninsula, Riversdale, Rossdale, Sorrento Golf Clubs, The Royal Melbourne and The Royal Sydney Golf Clubs, Rosebud Country Club, Spring Valley Golf Club, Victoria Golf Club, Woodlands Golf Club, Yarra Yarra Golf Club.
The Australian Golf Museum, Melbourne.
The Royal and Ancient, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland: Gullane G.C. Scotland
Royal Wellington Golf Club, New Zealand
Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey, England (The Ryder Cup Room);
World Golf Hall of Fame, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Shanghai Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery PRC
Leading golfers Michael Clayton, Ben Crenshaw USA, David Graham, the late Roger Mackay, Greg Norman, Peter Thomson, Brian Twite, the late Norman Von Nida and many others.
Corporate, Club, and Private Collections worldwide.
Author of
"Painting More Than the Eye Can See", Wade, North Light, USA
"Painting Your Vision in Watercolor", Wade, North Light, USA
“Watercolor Workshop Handbook” Wade, International Artist
“American Artist” Magazine‟s “Watercolor”, Fall issue 1999
"Artist's and Illustrator's Magazine" London, June 1990, July 1992 and April 1993
"Artists and Galleries of Australia" Germaine
“Australian Watercolour Institute, 75th. Anniversary” 1998
“Australian Watercolour Institute” Pinson 2006
"Australian Encyclopedia of Art" McCulloch. 1994 and 2006
"Australian Artists Today" Norris
"Australian Artist" Magazine, regular articles since 1984
"Australian Watercolour Painters, 1780-1980" Jean Campbell
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"Men of Achievement", Melrose Press, Cambridge
"Palet/Tekenstift" (Nethlnds.) Feb, March, April, May 1996, July 1997 (Cover Artist)
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