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Fu Hong 2018 Solo Exhibition
THE IMPRESSIONIST - Peter Smales 2018 Exhibition
Fire, Ink on Paper, 89 x 121cm
Three Dancing Girls, Ink on Paper 68 x 81cm Apples, Ink on Paper 73 x 70cm Peace, ink on paper 52 x 52cm Horses by the River, ink on paper, 59 x 52cm 1. Fire, ink on paper, 89 x 121cm  Fu Hong 5. Duet and Cat, ink on paper 72 x 71cm Fu Hong
6. Soul, ink on paper 66 x 64cm Fu Hong 7. Two girls dancing with bird, ink on paper 68 x 71cm Fu Hong 8. Dancing with red silk, ink on paper 65 x 71cm Fu Hong 9. Moon Night ink on paper 64 x 64cm  Fu Hong 10. Nude study ink on paper 64 x 64cm Fu Hong 11. White Horse, ink on paper 64 x 64 cm  Fu Hong
12. Cat, ink on paper,  71 x 51cm  Fu Hong 13. Cat and fish, ink on paper 71 x 51cm Fu Hong 14. Song of drums, ink on paper 68 x 53cm Fu Hong 15. Singing on the river, ink on paper  62 x 52cm  Fu Hong 16. Sunflower girl, ink on paper, 61 x 45cm Fu Hong 17. Dancing with Birds, ink on paper 60 x 47cm Fu Hong
19. Lover, ink on paper 59 x 52cm Fu Hong 20. Fanfare, ink on paper. 53 x 52cm Fu Hong 21. Call Forth, ink on paper 52 x 52cm Fu Hong 23. Mediate, ink on paper 51 x 51cm Fu Hong 24. Cat and grasshopper,  ink on paper 51 x 71cm Fu Hong 25. Beijing Opera - Echo & Helena   198 x 152cm, Oil and Ink on Linen Fu Hong
3. Let it go, ink on paper, 74 x 64cm Fu Hong

Jenny Pihan Fine Art

Fu Hong 2018 Solo Exhibition

9 November 2018 - 18 November 2018

Malvern Artist Society Galleries
1297 - 1299 High Street
MALVERN Vic 3144

Opening Night: Friday 9th November - 6pm
Exhibition Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Painting Demonstration by Fu Hong
Sunday 18th November

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Highly Respected Contemporary Portrait Artist – Fu Hong
The 56th Solo Exhibition - 2018.

Since arriving in Australia in 1990, contemporary realist Fu Hong has gained a deserved national and international reputation for his original synthesis of representational painting with “impressionist” and “expressionist” leanings.
Each individual picture has an experiential sculptural syntax underscoring its pictorial space – one can see the solidity of his pictorial forms and “feel” them through his skilful and inventive use of modelling, perspective and spatial illusion. The lavish and sensuous manner in which he captures the emotional state of his subject in a dynamic synthesis of classical realism and impressionist colour application, continues his fascinating painterly journey by consistently reinventing his theatrical approach to picture making. In 1996 Hong held a solo exhibition featuring this style - inks on paper. A selection of work from that exhibition hangs in Crown Casino.
Fu Hong’s portrait commissions include his penetrating painting of art doyen Dr Joseph Brown, and his compassionate portrait of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.
Portrait Commissions by Fu Hong – Enquiries contact Jenny Pihan 0417 368 807


1946 Born in China
1966 – 1990 Graduated from Institute of Arts & Design, Beijing / Stage art designer of The National Broadcast & Television of China / Art editor of China Central Television / Director of Artist’s Gallery, Beijing, China.
1990 Arrived in Australia
1988 – 2018 55 solo exhibitions in Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, Hong
Kong and UK (London)


2018 Guest artist to ‘Art Amoy’ International Art Fair, Xiamen, China
2017 Guest artist to ‘Mapping Melbourne’ Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Festival
2014 Finalist of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
Finalist of the Black Swan Portrait Prize
2012 Retrospective Celebration Exhibition of 50 Years, Montsalvat Art Centre, Melbourne
2011 Commission portrait of Chancellor of Centre Queensland University – R.C. Rennie Fritsch’y
Commission portrait of Vice Chancellor of Centre Queensland University, Professor – John Rickard
2010 Portrait of ‘Sarah’ selected into the finalist of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, NSW
Invited to be judge of St. George Art Award 2010 of Hurstville City Library, Museum & Gallery NSW
2009 Portrait of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch selected into the finalist of The Archibald Prize
Commission portrait of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch by Jenny Pihan Fine Art
Invited solo exhibition, Tian Jin Museum, Tian Jin, China
Commission portrait of Sir James Gobbo (Governor of Vic 1997- 2000) by Supreme Court, Vic
‘Nude portrait’ won bronze medal of Herald-Sun Prize, Comberwell, Vic.
2008 Portrait of Dr. Joseph Brown selected into the finalist of The Archibald Prize 2008
Commission portrait of Dr. Joseph Brown by CBUS foundation.
2006 Portrait of Cathy Freeman selected into Des Refuse’s Salon ‘The Alternate Archibald
Prize Selection’, National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery, NSW
2005 Retrospective Exhibition of 15 years in Australia, Montsalvat Art Centre, Melbourne
2004 Portrait of ‘Angela’ finalist the Dobell Prize of Drawing 2004, National Gallery NSW
Won the Most Outstanding Art Work, Stanthorp Regional Art Gallery, Queensland
2002 Won 2002 Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, Bega Valley Regional Art Gallery, NSW
Drawing portrait of ‘Sarah’ collected by Stanthorp Regional Art Gallery, QLD
2000 Portrait of ‘Ernst Fries’ selected into The Alternative Archibald Prize Selection
National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery, NSW
1999 Won Third Prize of James Farrell self-portrait Award,
Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum
1997 Works collected by Safti Military Institute of Singapore
Works commissioned by Singapore Discovery Centre, Department of Defense
1996 Portrait of ‘Watch Maker’ selected as the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Finalist,
National Gallery, Victoria
Interviewed and broadcasted by SBS Television and SBS Radio Station
1988 First solo exhibition at the highly acclaimed China National Gallery, Beijing, China
1983 Exhibition, Bologna, Italy

Major Collections Include:

CBUS Foundation
Supreme Court Vic.
Murdoch’s Family
Sir Charles Court
John Hilson
Stanthorp Regional Art Gallery QLD
Crown Casino
Ethel Turner’s Family
Safti Military Institute of Singapore
West Australia University
University of New Castle
The CQ University Australia
Bank of Japan
Private collections are in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, UK and Australia.

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