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The Final Collection from the Late PATRICIA MORAN together with New Paintings by TONY PRIDHAM
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THE IMPRESSIONIST - Peter Smales 2018 Exhibition
Cortona and the Val de Chiana, Oil on Linen, 97 x 107cm Bill Caldwell

Jenny Pihan Fine Art


22 August 2018 - 9 September 2018

Jenny Pihan Fine Art
@ Glen Eira City Council Art Gallery
Cnr. Glen Eira & Hawthorn Roads

Opening Night: WEDNESDAY 22nd August 2018
Doors Open at 6pm.

A year of celebration with the Centenary Exhibition of the TMPS.
Join the members to celebrate this milestone.

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ONE HUNDRED YEARS ON … the tradition continues!

In 1918 a new artists’ association was to emerge: The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.

The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc., is about to celebrate one hundred years.

Today’s group of accomplished practitioners, as did their forebears, share a clear mission or purpose.

Their success as a group in attaining this amazing milestone, where other societies over the years have expired, is due in part, to the contribution made by Max Meldrum, who was a significant figure in the history of the TMPS. Meldrum responded to nature in a manner that was innovative and personal, yet which was at the same time technically competent and occupied a position in the evolving realist tradition of Western painting.

This attitude reflected what came to represent the spirit of the TMPS.

The commitment of the TMPS members is what the strength of the society is built upon. They are mindful of their responsibilities that have been inherited. The members frequently promote and share the practice of realist painting through teaching. Miss Shirley Bourne OAM, for example, (a former President of the TMPS, a notable portraitist), through her inspiring teaching, represented an influential figure in the development of many artists, including several current members.

The Society continues to support the bi-annual A.M.E. Bale Scholarship for realist or figurative painting. The award, ‘A Travelling Scholarship’, to afford the winner the opportunity to study the works of old masters, especially in Europe.

The Constitution of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society describes the Society’s paramount objective as consolidating and improving, “the standards of traditional art in the community”. This concentrated group of artists had established a considerable reputation as painters who observe, distil and interpret the world around them. In the sense that their work finds its grounding and inspiration in the domain of visual appearances.

Their work may be described as Realism.

The Society includes a diversity of approaches to subject matter, content and technical execution. For some members their portrayal of their physical or social environments is enlivened by an impressionistic or dashing immediacy of execution. Some members are drawn more towards formal, poised and idealized organization of their subjects. Others assume more ‘naturalistic’ or ‘illusionist’ objectives, with a sharp, perhaps even meticulous, recording of detail.

The strictly limited number of painters admitted to the Society, together with the electoral admission process, has tended to ensure that, whatever the character of their reflections upon the visual realm of nature or society, Members of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society are highly accomplished practitioners of their ‘particular genre’ of painting.

A few painters were appointed as Official War Artists during World War 11, drawn from the ranks of the Society’s Members. Ralph Warner, Ernest Buckmaster, Sybil Craig, Sir William Dargie and Colin Colahan, all received war-time appointments to portray the activities and human dramas of Australian service men and women, and their geographic theatres of operation.

The TMPS membership over the past 100 years lists many names now legendary in the history of Australian art, along with many other distinguished artists; each of whom has bought and continue to bring individual skills and proficiency to the pictorial arts.

Past President Paul McDonald Smith wrote of the Society honouring “realistic portrayal in a manner relevant to the present day, calling upon established European tradition of drawing, design and tone in a disciplined way.” He underscored that a concern for technical facility, compositional finesse and realism does not necessarily imply an archaistic art form rooted in earlier centuries. Technically competent and adroitly composed realism, he argued, is perfectly capable of addressing contemporary themes and current pictorial issues.

We acknowledge and thank Mr Peter Pinson OAM (Foreword of the “90 years of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc.”) and Mr Paul McDonald Smith OAM (TMPS Member) for their contribution to and Publication of the book “90 years of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc.”

We cordially invite you to visit and celebrate all that is the “Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc.”, in 2018 … the tradition continues!

Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc. 100th Celebratory Exhibition 2018
Venue: Glen Eira City Council Art Gallery
Address: Cnr. Hawthorn and Glen Eira Roads, Caulfield, Victoria
Opening Night: Wednesday 22nd August – Doors Open 6pm
Open Daily: Thursday 23rd August – Sunday 9th September, 10am – 5pm
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Foundation Members

Alice Bale, Edith Downing, Polly Hurry, A.E. Newbury, Isobel Tweddle, George Colville, Rose A. Walker, William Frater, Richard McCann, Carl Hampel, Mrs H. M. Gulliver, Jas Stuart Anderson, Jo Sweatman, Alexander Colquhoun, Elsie Barlow, Bernice Edwell, Ruth Sutherland, Miss. C. E. James, Clara Southern, Bertha Merfield.

Past Members
Rupert Bunny, Victor Cobb, Percy Leason, Arnold Shore, John Farmer, Malcolm Warner, E. Kimpton, Arthur Markham, Alan Martin, George Bell, Alexander Colquhoun, John Rowell, Max Meldrum, William Rowell, Margery Withers, John Loxton, Percy Watson, Francis Roy Thompson, Alfred Coleman, John Borrack, Sir William Dargie, David Moore, Shirley Bourne, Margaret Cromb, Dorothy Whitehead Griffiths, Marjorie Martin, David Newbury, Gordon Speary, Patricia Moran, Elizabeth Colquhoun, Colin Colahan, James Quinn, Harley Griffiths, Reshid Bey, Alan Gallagher, Edgar Finley, Ramon Horsfield
A.W. Harding, Clarice Beckett, August Cornehls, Sir John Longstaff, Rollo Thompson, Alma Figuerola, Ernest Buckmaster, John Munro, Edwin Doutch, Ron Crawford, Sybil Craig, Rex Bramleigh, John Hennessey, Max Casey, Peter Glass, June Hobart, Douglas Miller, Audrey Snell, Graham Moore, Jacqueline Fowler, June Barnett, John Dudley, Dagmar Cyrulla, Judith Perrey, Judith Wills, Julian Bruere.

Current TMPS 2018 Membership

Bill Caldwell (President)
Angela Abbott, Greg Allen, Fiona Bilbrough, Margaret Cowling, Stephen Doyle, Raymond Hewitt, Amanda Hyatt, Herman Pekel, Lee Machelak, Barbara McCallum, Paul McDonald Smith OAM, Ross Paterson, Clive Sinclair, Peter Smales, David K Taylor, Maxwell Wilks, Joseph Zbukvic

Guest Artists for 2018

Chris White and Jennifer Fyfe

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