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The Final Collection from the Late PATRICIA MORAN together with New Paintings by TONY PRIDHAM
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Hyperrealism - Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Tony Pridham
Timeless Memories, Patricia Moran Clowning Around - Sulphur Crested Cockatoos - Tony Pridham Lion Stare - Tony Pridham Roseates Nesting - Tony Pridham Sooty Tern - Tony Pridham Proud Tiger - Tony Pridham
Ocelot - Tony Pridham Black Shouldered Kite - Tony Pridham Eternal Rose, Hyperrealism - Tony Pridham For the Honeybirds -Patricia Moran Major Mitchell Cockatoos - Tony Pridham Bitter and Sweet - Patricia Moran
Elegant Lines - Giraffe - Tony Pridham White Wyandotte, Oil, 17 x 35cm Tony Pridham Heart of Gold - Patricia Moran Ruby Grapefruit, Hyperreaslism - Tony Pridham Thoroughbred Study, Tony Pridham Corellas - Mates for Life, Tony Pridham
Three Majors, Tony Pridham Sunshine Forever, Patricia Moran Generosity, Patricia Moran Shasta Daisies and Hydrangeas, Patricia Moran Opposites Attract, Patricia Moran Endless, Patricia Moran
Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Hyperrealism, Tony Pridham Aqua Flora - Patricia Moran Red for Danger - Patricia Moran Make it Snappy Tangled Beauty - Patricia Moran Jockey Up - Tony Pridham
Pelican - Tony Pridham

Jenny Pihan Fine Art

The Final Collection from the Late PATRICIA MORAN together with New Paintings by TONY PRIDHAM

8 December 2017 - 17 December 2017

Jenny Pihan Fine Art
1297 - 1299 High Street

Special Christmas Exhibition

Presenting the works of two extraordinary talented artists - TONY PRIDHAM and the Late PATRICIA MORAN.

Opening Night: Friday 8th December at 6pm

Galleries Open Daily: 10am - 5pm until December 17, 2017

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Both with the belief that something beautiful, painted beautifully, is justification in itself; bringing a sense of wonder to the viewer and the discerning collector.

The Late Patricia Moran

JPFA is privileged to present to you recently released paintings, from the Estate of the Late Patricia Moran.

This will be your final opportunity to purchase or view these magnificent paintings. Patricia has dedicated her life to flower painting and considered one of Australia’s most respected floral painters, renowned worldwide for her magnificent ‘Flowerscapes’.

Successful author and tutor, Patricia’s DVD teaching aids, ‘The Complete Collection’, Parts 1- 6, will be available for purchase at the exhibition or online. Timelessly elegant, beautiful heirlooms…

Patricia’s memory will live on through her paintings.

Tony Pridham
An artist of extraordinary talent specializing in subjects of the natural world and widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost painters of birds.

Through critical observation his ability to transcend the boundaries of nature and interpret in paint, is what separates the truly great bird painters from others.

Tony’s art has been published in several Science based natural history books, most notably the award winning ‘Grassfinches in Australia’. CSIRO Published 2012.

Tony’s suite of paintings will also include works of his latest technique, Hyperrealism.

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