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30 January 2018
Memoriam to Patricia Moran
15 August 2017

Memoriam to Patricia Moran
15 August 2017

It is Jenny Pihan writing to bring very sad news.
On July 17th Patricia Moran quietly passed away after a brief illness.
Those that knew her personally and those who didn’t, certainly as artists knew of her magnificent paintings. Patricia Moran was not only an extraordinarily talented artist celebrated for her still life of flowers, but also for her tutoring.
For many years Pat taught oil painting at the Victorian Artists Society, but because of her dedication to her own painting moved on, but generously leaving a legacy to her tutoring by giving back through her books and teaching DVD’s.
Her love of painting, her love of life and everything beautiful, cannot be denied. Her passion for her garden and the flowers she lovingly grew are from which most of her paintings were born.
Patricia Moran’s philosophy was to paint the visual truth. She stated: "The painting is only as good as its weakest point". Pat never wavered from that.
Pat always planned and patiently waited for everything to ‘come together’, before she commenced a painting, sometimes missing ‘the season’ and having to wait for the next. Pat painted only directly from life. The casually arranged flowers in the vase, and the carefully selected beautiful pieces of china and drapery, had to be the very best and usually painted only the once… A perfectionist… Her paintings were the whole symphony orchestra.
Pat Moran has dedicated her life to flower painting and is today one of Australia’s most sought after and respected floral painters. Since turning professional in 1978, held numerous successful solo exhibitions, awards and distinctions, including the prestigious Alice Bale Scholarship. A successful author having published two books on painting and her comprehensive DVD Collection. Patricia Moran is renowned around the world for her magnificent floral compositions.
We have truly lost one of Australia’s finest artists, and indeed wonderful person, character and loving friend. A hard and dedicated worker who we will miss terribly.
Rest in Peace Pat.
Jenny Pihan.

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