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Portraiture in 2011
Fu Hong
Portrait by Brian Armstrong
Portrait by Brian Armstrong Portrait by Fu Hong Portrait by Agata Lelek

Portraiture in 2011
Portraiture in 2012

The strong demand for the commissioning of a portrait of oneself, distinguished person or loved one is undergoing a strong resurgence as a collectable art form. An original painting offers a memorable experience which a photograph can never offer. That is, a unique physical and psychological reflection of the sitter, the uplifting interaction between a skilled portraiturist and their subject, an image that sustains the criticism of time and interpretation, provides a distinctive family or corporate heirloom and is a good financial investment as a significant work, painted by a masterly artist.

Jenny Pihan Fine Art has formalized its portraiture service, and is available upon request to assist in matching a prospective portraiture client with the artist who best suits the particular style of painting they desire.

Contemporary artists now have the liberty to push the painterly, pictorial and psychological boundaries of portraiture to stunning and often challenging effects; the resulting portrait being only limited by the artistís imagination.

The gallery liaises closely with the client and the artist to ensure the right outcome.

We welcome enquiries regarding our portraiture service.

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