Andrew Gemmill

“I am trying all the time as a realist not to be too literal in my representation of reality.”

Behind the fashionable veneer that a painter’s life is always wonderfully creative, exists the reality of the inevitable artistic struggle and discipline of reinventing tried and true principles, being wholly original and to not getting stuck in a rut by churning out the same old commercial “stuff” over and over.

Watercolourist Andrew Gemmill is a self confessed realist by nature but not in the “photographic copying nature precisely” sense, a classicist painter by heart and aesthetic, with a strong impressionist sensibility.

“I strive to go beyond the obvious – to transform the literal through impressions into inspiration and the magical,” he explains.

Andrew has pushed his remarkable ability to capture the fickle atmospheric light changes spontaneously and superbly across the land/seascape in transparent watercolour washes into exciting new territory.

As the inveterate traveller seeking inspiration in unusual locations, Andrew finds exciting vistas to paint and then displays the pictures as a visual journal; some countries recorded in painterly snapshots include Australia, India, Italy, England, and Wales.