Angela Anderson

Unsurpassed shorelines, meandering creeks, the iconic Cable Beach, rugged pindan rocky cliffs, these elements all combine to set the stage for the main feature, the Kimberley coast. It’s from the breath taking coastal vistas that I draw my artist inspiration and it’s an idyllic palette for my studio.

I am excited by the interplay of colour, light and texture. I’m best known for my textural, acrylic work in a style that conveys a contemporary take on coastal views, colours and the energy of the changing tides. I use the natural forces of flow, wind and heat to create paintings of nature.  My aerial perspective is intended to inspire the viewer to reflect on the endless beauty of coastal Australia.

When looking for inspiration I look outward and downward at an overall view and then focus in on the detail, deconstructing the elements, pondering how I will represent the colour, light, changes in depths, contours and contrasts through paint.

Being creative has been my passion since childhood. I majored in Art at Tertiary level and have been painting since the early 90s. I exhibited and sold my artwork at shows throughout Melbourne, Victoria and I moved from Melbourne to Broome in 2016. I spent many adventurous hours exploring the Kimberley by road, sea and air while working and painting in Broome from 2016 – 2019.

I held my first successful solo Kimberley Art Exhibition in 2018 with my paintings highly sought after, selling 21 of the 25 pieces exhibited. A second successful solo Exhibition followed in 2019. My work has been auctioned and sold at the Kimberley EK Art Auctions as well as exhibiting works at major shows in Broome and beyond. Capturing the colours of the Kimberley coast of Western Australia has been paramount to my artwork. The impact of the Kimberley on my art and on my passion to paint has been incredibly powerful. The Kimberley stole my creative heart!

I passionately love to capture in paint coastal waters, the effects of the giant tides, the undulations formed by elements, waves responding to the coast and stunning coastal colours. I have always loved the sea and have spent most of my life’s holidays on a beach. The Kimberley coastline is very special to me, and my paintings are inspired by this special place on Earth.

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