Craig Davy

Craig was born in Melbourne and grew up on the Mornington Peninsula.

His great, great Grandfather (George Morce) a stonemason built many well-known landmarks in Sorrento including the Koonya Hotel and St John’s Church. With his Grandparents living in Sorrento, Craig spent many of those early days trekking the Peninsula landscape that he paints passionately today.

Having a deep appreciation for the fine realist art of the past, he endeavours to achieve results comparable to the Old Masters while at the same time remaining true to nature in the presentation of subject matter relative to contemporary life.

Inspired by many of the great painters, including Penleigh Boyd, Corot and Streeton, Craig’s paintings reflect the beauty that can be found in nature, they reveal his passion for the landscape whether painted plein air or in the studio. Craig’s impressionistic approach highlights movement, brushstrokes and the all-important light which characterize his memorable paintings. Craig has his works in collections throughout Australia and in the U.K. Singapore and America.

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