Do Noble

Born in the Philippines, Do Noble was a recognised art teacher and award- winning artist before migrating to Australia in 1988.

Do’s award-winning works have been noted for both their unique and individual style, and for the vivid effects of vibrant colours whether in oil, pastel or watercolour. His artwork has been formally recognised in several solo and group exhibitions and art competitions, for which he has won more than 600 awards during his career. With an active background in the arts, along with his notable success in competitions and exhibitions, he is regarded as an expert in his field.

His background includes teaching at the Philippine Women’s University and the Technological University of the Philippines. and he has formerly served on the Board of Directors for a prestigious art group, the ‘Art Association of the Philippines’.  He has previously served as President of the art group, ‘Spectrum’, a membership group with teachers and students from art schools in Manila.

  • Do Noble’s works have been published in various books, magazines and newspapers and shown in private and public collections all over the world. His work appears in local and regional galleries, rotary clubs, schools and various art organisations and corporations in the Philippines, Australia, England, and America.

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