Greg Allen

Greg responds both visually and emotionally to a wide range of stimuli.  He creates powerful cultural statements in a strong, loose, yet richly toned realistic style.

One of Australia’s most capable and respected watercolourists, Greg Allen relies on his sound design skills, draftsmanship, considered brush strokes and crisp direct technique to convey his fundamental artistic enjoyment of the interaction between light and the landscape.

Born in Melbourne in 1958, the son of a noted architect, Greg displayed an early precocity to draw, an ability that began to flower in his teenage years in his immense understanding of design and materials – the ‘stuff of art.’

He went on to complete tertiary studies in illustration and graphic design, culminating in his achieving professional artist status at the tender age of twenty three.

Greg’s passionate interest in painting found inspiration in the creative lives and lessons of Harold Herbert (Aust: 1891-1945), John Singer Sargent (1856 – 1925) and Arthur Streeton (Aust 1867-1943). These influences led him to own painterly vision of a strong, loose, yet richly toned, realist style, tailored to suit not only his love of the robust Australian sunlight, but his increasing desire to paint a broad range of subject matter, principally in watercolour, but often in oil and sometimes in pastel.

“I have always believed in responding creatively to the maximum range of visual stimuli, for perhaps to do otherwise would be to inhibit an artist’s potential to emotively touch people in visually diverse ways, and I think a society will ultimately judge you with this in mind,” he says matter-of-factly.

Greg has earned a considerable reputation as one of Australia’s most accomplished watercolourists, both through his consistent winning of awards, his drawing ability, rigorous design, tonal colour and no-nonsense direct technique.

“Here, brush marks are respected, both for their potential and execution. A good impression will have them dancing and scything – cut sharp and clean- with deliberate economy across the canvas or paper. What a simple, yet elusive  pleasure it is.”

– Greg Allen

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