Linda Robertson

Linda Robertson is a Melbourne artist whose practice centres around life drawing, general drawing, and printmaking.

This has been the focus in the work Linda has produced in her Ivanhoe studio over the past thirty years. Her work has won numerous awards. Many works are held in collections including Bass Coast Shire, the City of Bright, Strathcona Girls School and Methodist Ladies College, also private collections.

She has exhibited widely across eastern Australia and overseas.  Her work is influenced by drawings from the Italian Renaissance, by French artists Edgar Degas and Eugene Carrier, and by contemporary Australian artist Godwin Bradbeer.

Linda teaches life and general drawing to adults and senior school students in Melbourne.

“My works are observational drawings of the human body, using interplay of light and shadow to reveal physical form and to portray its energy. I am interested in drawing momentary glimpses of human presence in illuminated space, to move the work beyond literal depiction of anatomy towards the realm of abstracted landscape.

My intention is similar to the way a landscape painter may use movement of light to reveal or transform geographical form to create images which take the viewer beyond a simple description of place.

The drawings are worked from life with oil pastel and graphite on polymer paper.  I have found this to be an ideal medium to allow interplay of quick, roughly textured line drawing and smooth, translucent layering of colour, to create a sense of human energy as a fleeting, ephemeral presence in space.”

– Linda Robertson

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