Pamela Irving 2021 Solo Exhibition

Jenny Pihan Fine Art and Pamela Irving are delighted to bring to you a solo exhibition of recent works by Pamela Irving.

Commencing Saturday 9th October 2021 at 10am and continuing  into November.  Open 10am – 4pm

Exhibition will be ONLINE, “Through the Gallery Windows” and ON THE PAVEMENT at 68 Patterson Road, Bentleigh Vic.

All enquiries to Jenny Pihan Fine Art.

Venue: "Through the Gallery Windows" and ON THE PAVEMENT at 68 Patterson Road, Bentleigh Vic 3204 and Online at  

Exhibition will be ONLINE and "Through the Windows" and ON THE PAVEMENT of Pamela Irving's Gallery and Studio.

Covid Safe Rules apply.

As of 'FREEDOM FRIDAY' 22nd October, People in Metro Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley have no travel limits, so please come and see us

“Owlology Collection by Pamela Irving”

Historically owls are linked with magic, mystery and ancient knowledge. They are symbols of good luck. Owls are undoubtedly mysterious and gorgeous creatures and I enjoy painting them for these reasons. I am interested in exploring pattern, colour and layers to represent their feathers and unique features.

These new owls were created during COVID lockdowns. The lockdowns resulted in more bird life in Melbourne. Although I didn’t see any owls on my walks, I was conscious that the air was clearer and cleaner. At this time, I also started making collaged works from things that were often discarded. These works are constructed using sand, paint, ink, toilet paper, newspaper, tea bags, cardboard, discarded facemasks and mesh.

Jenny Pihan Fine Art has developed a New Website with a ‘Buying Cart’ for your convenience.

Please click on the images to view in detail.  With an ‘extra click’, images will then open to an isolated view of each artwork.

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Enquiries welcome – contact either Jenny or Deborah to discuss any artwork.

Current Covid restrictions of the day will apply.

mOWLbourne Street Art Owls by Pamela Irving

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! It is all about where we have been, where we live and love, and how we get there! This new series of mOWLbourne Street Art Owls are made from maps of the streets of Melbourne and beyond. They are a celebration of where we live and why we love marvellous Melbourne.

They appeal to our nostalgic past, using actual paper maps instead of Google maps as part of a unique collage. Each work might be a reference to a place you have lived or still live, a suburb, a university location, a place of significance to you or a loved one.  They are quirky, affordable works, made with a combination of collage, paint and drawing. They are all unique and original. They would look great hanging individually or in groups on your wall.

Commissions can be requested using a particular street or suburb as reference.

Each work is 43 x 33 cm framed in black

Each work is signed Pamela Irving 2021

Materials include paint and collage; each work is coated with a gloss archival medium.

They are all $300 each.

Exhibition Artworks