A portrait artist captures the intimate likeness of a person. It can express power, importance, beauty, learning or other qualities of the sitter. A portrait can be in celebration of an occasion or milestone in someone’s life; an heirloom to be cherished forever.

Portraiture Commissions

We would like to offer you a unique portraiture service. As an experienced gallery representing a diverse range of award winning artists who specialise in portraiture, we act as an agent to arrange commissioned portraits in close consultation with our clients to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client, often surpassing their initial expectations.

Have you considered commissioning a portrait of a person’s standing in the community or of a life’s achievement? Have you considered an academic portrait or to acknowledge or celebrate an anniversary or important occasion such as the retirement of a principal, or graduation of a student?

A portrait can be to honour or celebrate a career followed by depicting that in the subject or composition of the painting.

Our professional service provides you with an easy step by step guide to ensure the outcome is an exceptional portrait to honour the individual subject whether destined for public or private display.

Perhaps a portrait of a family member

What could be lovelier than to capture a special occasion of a family member such as a milestone birthday or anniversary, or of the youngsters at play; an heirloom or memory of their childhood to cherish forever. A perfect painting for the family home.

A family portrait can be modern or traditional, be casual or formal, full body or part.

The skilled portrait artist intimately endeavours to capture the very essence of the sitter or the subject. A moment in time to celebrate and captured forever.

Portrait Commission Pricing

Portrait artists’ prices will vary depending on the artist commissioned and the requirements of the client.

Each enquiry is negotiated independently. The type of artwork desired is discussed and depending on the artist chosen, the requirements of the client and the type of work involved, prices are then discussed once the client’s requirements are finalised.

Works on paper (Watercolour, Charcoal Drawing, or Pastel) are usually less expensive than an Oil on canvas.

Pricing will vary by medium, sitting/s (if required), the size of the portrait selected, and the time involved. Some artists will work from photograph/s as their reference; most artists will require sittings as well as a photographic reference.

As artists will differ in pricing their work; please keep in mind your budget.

Portraiture Enquiries Most Welcome

Nothing quite captures the human personality as does the penetrating immediacy of a professionally painted likeness of oneself or a loved one.  Currently the commissioning of portraits is undergoing a strong resurgence as a collectable art form.

A unique physical and psychological reflection of the sitter, the uplifting interaction between a skilled portraiturist and their subject, an image that sustains the criticism of time and interpretation, provides a distinctive family heirloom and is a good financial investment as a significant work painted by a masterly artist.

To address this demand Jenny Pihan Fine Art has now formalised its portraiture service and is available on request to assist in matching a prospective portrait client, seeking a picture of themselves or another, with the artist who best suits the particular style of painting they desire.

Enquiries most welcome.

Featured Portraiture Artists

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